The Great New Car Giveaway

The Ultimate “Big Event” Game Show

There are 228 million licensed drivers in the United States who would love to win a new car.

THE GREAT NEW CAR GIVEAWAY taps into this enormous audience for this blockbuster of game shows.

This spectacular event takes place in a stadium arena full of potential contestants and 100 vehicles from various Automakers, which will be given away during this exciting, fast, action packed show!

Audience members will play creative auto-centric games including physical, mental, games of skill and chance.

Celebrities are also playing these games for their favorite charity, and viewers are playing to win live televised instant new car delivery to their door.

Provides opportunities for Global Distribution, Production and Licensing Agreements in many foreign markets.

Plus multiple lucrative revenue streams derived from co-branding with a leading fast food chain, various auto related retailers, products, services and licensing agreements for toys and apparel merchandising.

The Great New Car Giveaway begins with live pre-show coverage interviewing arriving celebrities, performers and high-level automakers’ executives talking about the vehicles they arrived in and their excitement for this first of its kind show.

See what’s inside the stadium arena and the dramatic set designs for this epic show – 14 exciting illustrations!

Creator and Executive Producer David Breslow is an experienced television and radio Professional Auto Critic and Creator of The People’s Choice Car Awards.

WGAW Registration No. 2109137 and 2112416

About the Creator David Breslow


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